Motion passed to ban use of smokeless tobacco in sport venues in LA

Motion passed to ban use of smokeless tobacco in sport venues in LA

The LA City Council has voted in the favor of a motion to draft legislative language to ban the use of smokeless tobacco products in all the baseball fields and other athletic venues in Los Angeles. The Dodgers have come up with a report in which they have taken side of the council’s motion.

The motion was introduced in June by Councilman Jose Huizar. It was passed 14-0. The motion calls for call for the city attorney to draft an ordinance in which all the venues present in the city, including Dodger Stadium, should be included.

The final vote on the same will take place when the ordinance will be ready, which should be within 30 days of time-period. The ban will be applicable on players, fans and anyone entering a sports venue.

The ban is already applicable in San Francisco and Boston. Huizar was of the view that it is a high time now that people and especially youngsters should be saved from these extremely addictive substances available in the form of chewing tobacco and snuff.

Bans on smoking and e-cigarettes are already applicable in the area. In San Francisco, the ordinance for the ban has been passed early this year and last week in Boston. Both the ban will be active before the 2016 baseball season.

Councilman Paul Koretz said that for past so many decades, baseball players have been endorsing chewing tobacco and now it should be stopped.



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