LAPD adding Tesla, BWM electric vehicles to its fleet

LAPD adding Tesla, BWM electric vehicles to its fleet

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti revealed in an announcement made at a recent press conference that the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is enhancing its vehicle fleet by introducing environmental friendly, electric vehicle models --- Tesla Model S P85D and BMW i3.

According to the announcement, Los Angeles will soon be leasing 288 new 'green' vehicles; out of which 160 vehicles will pure battery electric vehicles (EVs), while 128 vehicles will be plug-in hybrid vehicles. As a result of the addition of the environmental friendly vehicles, Los Angeles will have "the largest city-owned fleet of pure battery electric vehicles" anywhere in the US.

Police in Los Angeles is already using 67 EVs at present; along with three fully electric motorcycles and twenty-three electric scooters.

Out of the 288 new environmental friendly vehicles being leased by Los Angeles, 100 vehicles will be dedicated to the LAPD. The remaining vehicles will be made available for use by other Los Angeles city departments, including the General Services, Water, and Fire Departments.

About the forthcoming addition of 'green' vehicles manufactured by Tesla and BMW to the LAPD vehicle fleet, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said: "The LAPD is proud to be among the law enforcement agencies leading the way to sustainability with the use of electric vehicles."



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