‘California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine’ to be launched to Improve Industry

California Governor Jerry Brown

With an aim to improve the industry of precision medicine, California Governor Jerry Brown has announced partnership with the University of California to come up with a local program.

In this program, more partnerships will take place not only at industry level, but also at academic level. Main aim of the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine is to find ways to cross-reference patients' medical data with other types of data like mobile, environmental, genomic and socioeconomic.

This will help in improving the understanding of various diseases and development of more accurate and on-point therapies. It is the first initiative in which California's scientists will research and assess the behavior of any disease and also of the healthcare system.

For the purpose, University of Cincinnati health system will provide the data. Atul Butte from the UCSF will head the new California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine. The state will provide $3 million for the two-year initiative.

UC San Francisco will be the host meaning that all five UC medical centers are equally involved. The state funds will help in developing a public-private initiative that will help balance funds from different sources.

The California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine is planning to develop two trial projects on specific disease areas. Before the program is rolled out, it will be ensured that California's both public and private precision medicine assets will be inventoried. It will be done in order to make sure that knowledge and data is exchanged in a fair and secure environment.

UC President Janet Napolitano termed it to be a great opportunity for UC's medical centers and health universities. Precision medicine has the support from the White House. President Barack Obama started its own national effort from January.




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