Oculus’ newly announced Rock Band VR to debut by March 2016

Oculus’ newly announced Rock Band VR to debut by March 2016

Oculus VR added some virtual reality cheer on the faces of its fans by making the announcement of Rock Band VR. The VR pioneer’s co-founder Palmer Luckey made the exciting announcement at the Game Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Rock Band VR is a new virtual reality game developed in collaboration with Harmonix. Luckey said that the game will most probably be released in March 2016. The company, which was bought by Facebook last year, has even launched a promo of the game showing the Oculus Touch present on the end of the guitars.

With this deal, Harmonix has also joined the list of many other companies like Netflix and Hulu and game makers that are making content for virtual reality, a set of goggles that puts screen so near to your eyes that it eliminates the difference between the computer-generated and the world in which you are actually living in.

VR has a lot of potential, said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, who believes that it would transform the way computers are used and completely change the way of communication with each other. The VR will surely grab a big share in the market. Analysts have predicted that tens of millions of these devices would be sold in the next few years.

Owing to which, Luckey ensured that their product generates the desired hype and grabs attention of people. Earlier this week, he introduced a teaser stating that he has something important to share giving birth to guess game.

Already, Oculus has released Gear VR available for $99. But it is a basic version of Oculus technology that works with Samsung smartphones. Except this announcement, Luckey has also unveiled about final designs for the company’s flagship Oculus Rift headset and also discussed its upcoming apps. But, Luckey has not shared when the product will be launched and its exact price. It is expected to cost around $1,500.




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