Those who cannot wait for bigger payoff have impulsive nature

Those who cannot wait for bigger payoff have impulsive nature

A new study has found that those who have tendency to go for smaller yet immediate reward rather a larger reward later, known as delay discounting, is a behaviour that could be down to your genes. Study researchers have said that tendency to have a bent towards impulsiveness may indicate a person’s impulsive nature.

Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine said that delay discounting-natured-people have higher risks in fighting addiction and impulsivity. The study was carried out on 310 pairs of teenage identical or fraternal twins. They were asked questions based on money during their 12th and 14th year.

The participants were presented with two choices- instantly, they can get $7. In the second situation, they can get $10, but would have to wait for two weeks to receive the mail. At the age of 12, around 35% of the study participants chose instant cash reward. At the age of 14, the percentage of people choosing instant cash reward dropped to 27.5%.

The researchers said that age, which had a slight impact, decline in choosing delay discounting, was majorly owing to genes. As per the researchers, genes linked with depression, addiction and mood have an important role to play in the decision-making.

Two patterns were noticed, firstly, delayed gratification became more alluring as the participants aged. Secondly, those who preferred instant rewards primarily were having increased chance of continuing with the same scheme.

The researchers have found the kappa opioid receptor and serotonin genes, both associated with mood and behaviors linked to addiction and depression, also play a role in a person’s decision-making tendencies. Genes have a role as whether a person would go for instant rewards or would wait for bigger one.

Study’s lead researcher Dr. Andrey Anokhin affirmed, “We found that many such decisions are explained by genetic factors that also are related to mood and impulsivity”. When a person refuses to wait for a bigger payoff then it hints that a person is having impulsive nature.



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