Coffee lovers at less risk of early death

Coffee lovers at less risk of early death

Good news for java lovers- having coffee on regular basis reduces risk of death from heart disease and diabetes than those who do not have it. The mortality risk was lowest for people who drink four to five cups of coffee a day, finds a 10-year US study.

Another benefit of having coffee on regular basis was reduced risk of premature death from chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, pneumonia, influenza and suicide. Study’s lead researcher Dr. Erikka Loftfield of the National Cancer Institute said, “Coffee contains numerous biologically active compounds, including phenolic acids, potassium and caffeine”.

The researchers have evaluated a data from a previous study on 90,317 adults free from cancer or having a history of cardiovascular disease. They followed the volunteers from 1998 to 2009 and observed their coffee intake and other dietary and health information.

By 2009, around 8,700 participants had died. While observing, many factors were taken including smoking. The researchers found that coffee drinkers were having less chance to die prematurely than non-coffee drinkers.

People having two to three cups a day were having an 18% lower risk of early death and those who have four to five cups of coffee a day were having the lowest risk. The researchers have also noticed similar association in drinkers having decaffeinated coffee.

“Although coffee drinking has also been inversely associated with incidence of certain cancers, like liver, in epidemiological studies, we did not observe an association between cancer and overall mortality”, affirmed Dr. Loftfield. It could be because coffee reduces mortality risk for some cancer and not others.

Having coffee in moderation was also found safe for pregnant women, said the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Dr Gunter said that coffee drinkers may also have other healthy habits like indulged into exercising and eating healthy.

The study does not prove that coffee expands lifespan, but it may have a direct effect on inflammation or cardiovascular death.


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