Researchers find 4 Genes linked with extreme longevity

Researchers find 4 Genes linked with extreme longevity

Secret to longevity lies in your genes, says a new study. Researchers from Stanford University said that they have found four genes linked to longevity. Assessment of the genomes of a number of people living in their 100 year of age has led the researchers to come up with the findings.

Four genes, as per the researchers are especially linked to extreme longevity. The four genes are ABO, it determines the blood type of person; second gene is CDKN2B responsible for regulating cell division, third gene is APOE linked to Alzheimer’s disease and the fourth one is SH2B3, which earlier has been found to increase the lifespan of fruit flies.

As per the researchers, these are some of the genes that dramatically affect a person’s risk of getting diagnosed with severe diseases including heart disease and dementia. “Some genetic variants that confer protection from disease could also associate with increased lifespan, and might show enrichment in centenarians and other long-lived populations”, said the researchers.

Study’s lead researcher Stuart Kim from Stanford University said that the latest study has narrowed the search to find out specific genes that increase the chance of spreading chronic diseases in humans. These diseases increase risk of early death and reduce chance of long life.

The researchers recruited 800 people aged above 100 and over 5,000 people aged above 90 and studied longevity-linked genes. They came across eight genes associated with long lifespan. Upon further analysis of around 1,000 people aged 100 and above, they were sure of the four genes.

Earlier as well many studies have been carried out to find the different variants between the centenarians’ genome and other people, but they have more or less proved unsuccessful. The researchers have said that they will conduct further research with a hope to find out more genes in the future that are linked to long life.


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