Nevada Skies Brightened With Light Streak

Nevada Skies Brightened With Light Streak

Nevada skies were brightened up by a streak of light on December 22 2015, reported Fleischmann Planetarium Director, Dan Ruby. The light was seen by people in and around Las Vegas as well as Bakersfield and Sacramento in California. The Los Angeles Astronomical Society revealed that the December 22 overnight was the peak of the Ursids meteor shower. It was also reported that the celestial object that caused light appeared to disintegrate in the sky.

The club also stated that the comet Tuttle was supposed to create this stream of debris, resulting in the creation of 5-10 meteors per hour. The fireball that appeared in the sky is being expected to be a result of the disintegration of a meteor or a kind of space debris or a satellite. The expectation was been shown by Robert Pippin, Program Manager for the College of Southern Nevada Planetarium.

Ruby informed that the object, which was heating up while travelling in the atmosphere, was of the size of a car. He added that though such objects disintegrate due to friction, this particular object remained in one piece for at least 30 seconds. He also said that most probably the object would have disintegrated into small particles much before getting even close to the surface of Earth.

‘T’ has been confirmed by McCarran Airport that the object was definitely not an aircraft or plane, since the altitude of the object was very high. No incidents of the object hitting the ground have been reported.



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