Eleventh-Hour Christmas Shopping Spree Starts

Eleventh-Hour Christmas Shopping Spree Starts

In the face of lack of time, several shoppers came out to buy last-minute gifts and grocery items on the eve of Christmas prior to the closure of stores. Shoppers don’t find it to be a perfect way to spend their Christmas Eve, but they are not left with many options as the time during the festival flies.

Every shopper has different reason for the last-minute rush. Some have multiple jobs to take care of, while others are busy with various family activities. Many of the last-minute shoppers are experienced in this scenario and therefore stated that they have come prepared for crowds. Also, during this time of the year, traffic and parking areas are a nightmare. Traffic seems to be stagnant, while traffic lots are completely occupied. However, shoppers say that they were quite amazed to see that the stores were not that much crowded as they expected them to be.

However, this was not true for grocery stores, which were flooded with shoppers. Every person is only interested in completing their list and leaving as soon as possible, without any time to look around. “Today (Wednesday) is one of the busiest food shopping days of the year and we manage collections with allocated timeslots”, according to Marks & Spencer spokesperson. Basically, going out on a Christmas Eve for shopping requires a lot of tolerance. People coming from abroad to spend Christmas with their relatives seem to be among the last-minute shopper as they could not fit the gifts in their luggage.


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