New prosthetic paws allow Husky to move freely for the first time

New prosthetic paws allow Husky to move freely for the first time

A novel technology developed by 3D Systems has gifted second life to a dog. Prosthetic paws, the new technology, have led the dog to stand tall, walk and run again. Derby, a husky-mutt dog, was born without complete front paws owing to which the 2-year-old dog had to crawl and walk on his hind legs.

Melissa Hannon, who rescued Derby through her organization, Peace and Paws, shared, “He was scooting around on [his] nubs and chest”. In 2014, Derby received a pair of custom prosthetic paws made by 3D Systems. Though the first set of paws allowed him to run on all four but was hunched forward.

The company then came up with an advanced version of grown-up prosthetic paws. The new legs have allowed him to stand tall at his full height. Sherry Portonva, Derby's owner, shared that Derby has very well received his new prosthetics. The news legs have helped him to stand at his proper height and now he sits like a normal dog would, which was something he could never do before.

Tara Anderson, the original designer of Derby’s early paws, said that they faced certain issues in coming up with new paws that could make Derby to reach at his full height and sit down with his two legs upright.

Their first design was quite successful owing to which they thought that scaling up the original was only needed. “What we had not accounted for in this second iteration, however, was that while we managed to elevate Derby to the appropriate height, the results of the scaled design were too ungainly for easy movement”, affirmed Tara.

The team then came up with a new header material and a ‘knee-like’ structure to provide more stability to Derby. The creation is like figure eight that allowed Derby to stand at his normal height for the first time and to sit like a normal dog.



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