Study published in NEJM explains risks involved with home births

Study published in NEJM explains risks involved with home births

This research paper provides clear information on how safe it is to have baby outside a hospital. The paper based on the assessment of nearly 80,000 pregnancies in Oregon has unveiled in the case of baby delivery outside hospital chance of baby dying during the birth process or in the first month is 2.4 times greater than women, who had planned hospital deliveries.

It has also been found that out-of-hospital births are pose increased risk of neonatal seizures. There is also a chance of newborn babies to require ventilators or mother needing blood transfusions. Out of hospital births have also been found to have fewer chances to involve cesarean sections, 5.3% in comparison with 24.7% in a hospital.

A rise has been witnessed in the number of outside hospital births in the United States. One of the reasons for the same could be some women want to avoid interventions like induced labor or cesarean sections. As per a federal data, births at home and birth centers were 1.28% of all American births in 2012, up from 0.79% in 2004.

The increase has garnered attention towards issues like safety, midwife training and licensing and coordination between midwives and doctors. The study researchers have also included factors like age, women’s race and pregnancy risks like diabetes and hypertension.

Study’s lead author Jonathan Snowden, an epidemiologist, and his team members have assessed 79,727 births in 2012 and 2013 in Oregon. Out of them, 75,923 women delivered in a hospital as planned; 3,203 delivered outside a hospital as planned and 601 women planned out-of-hospital births, but transferred to hospitals.

In all the cases, severe complications were less. In planned out-of-hospital births, 3.9 out of 1,000 cases led in a baby’s death during the birth process or within four weeks afterward in comparison to 1.8 deaths out of 1,000 in planned hospital birth. It has to be ensured that out of hospital deliveries become safe.



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