Three Exciting changes expected in iPhone 7 which could shake up competition

Three Exciting changes expected in iPhone 7 which could shake up competition

If new leaks about Apple’s work are to be believed then we could witness the company’s most different iPhone to date in 2016. It is being said that three amazing changes are already in the to-do list for the iPhone 7. The three features are set to take competition to another level.

The first change is the gadget will be waterproof. For quite a time now it was being speculated that Apple is working on developing waterproof phone and this might turns out to be true in the case of iPhone 7. Apple is working to make the iPhone 7 completely waterproof. It may achieve this by doing away with the headphone jack, which is the deepest port in the iPhone and hardest to be waterproofed.

Second change is elimination of antenna stripes. The antenna stripes of plastic that band around its iPhones to create areas where wireless signal can cover the effect of aluminum. In iPhone 7, the stripes will be removed and result into a product having a uniform finish. The last radical changes will explain as to how the second feature would actually become a reality.

The iPhone 7 will be made of ‘New Compound Material’s. The material would allow wireless signals to pass through them without the requirement of striped antenna gaps. Apple has been working on such a kind of material for quite a while now. In 2015, it has been granted a patient for ‘Non-capacitive or radio-frequency-transparent materials with anodized metal appearance’.

Apple has unveiled about the material granted in patent as “Composite structures that have an appearance of an anodized bulk metal but that is non-capacitive and/or radio frequency (RF) transparent are disclosed. The composite structure can be part of an enclosure of an electronic device”.

The material is such that it would provide a metallic look without disturbing the working of some electronic components of the device.



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