Data project: Analysis of selfies can prove ‘very rich’ as a data source

Data project: Analysis of selfies can prove ‘very rich’ as a data source

A data project has suggested that analysis of selfies can prove ‘very rich’ as a data source both in terms of what could be revealed by them regarding different cultures in different cities and demonstrating how people want others to perceive them.

A team of data scientists, designers and researchers used facial-recognition software and gave the rank 1 to the most happy and 0 to the least happy pictures among the collected 152,462 Instagram pictures tagged around Somerset House in London during the time 7 days, 640 of which were selfies as reported by the Guardian.

They gave a score of 0.55 to London selfies in comparison to the average of 0.62 throughout Berlin, Moscow, New York, Sao Paulo and Bangkok. This suggested that Londoners take more glum-faced selfies in comparison to residents of other world cities.

The London style of selfie-taking was also found one of a restrained upright pose in the analysis of images posted publicly on to Instagram in September.

The analysis found that in London, twice as many women as men are selfie-takers. The men in London, who captured selfies, tended to be older as compared to the ones in other cities, averaging nearly 28 years old. It also found that people of both genders preferred an upright pose over a jaunty angle. A London selfie’s average head tilt was only 15 degrees, in comparison to 20 degrees elsewhere.

Among the 5 analyzed cities, nearly double the proportion of people was discovered wearing glasses in London than others.


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