Some Technology Products and Ideas tha could Trend at CES Las Vegas

Some Technology Products and Ideas tha could Trend at CES Las Vegas

International CES, the biggest technology show in the world, is set to begin Monday, January. For a complete week, the Las Vegas Strip will turn into a high-tech carnival for almost a week. The stage is all set for CES 2015 and already, there have been a lot of buzz about what exciting things are going to be unveiled this time.

Certain things that are sure shot to amaze you this CES are-

1. Cars of future- This year, many big automakers are planning massive unveiling at CES, which is going turn it a car show like no previous CES. Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ford have planned big events and many of them are related to self-driving systems. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and other connected-car systems will also be present.

2. Virtual Reality to be big hit in 2016- The latest version of the Oculus Rift will be at CES. Services like Facebook are already supporting 360-degree video. Except Oculus, there will be many mid-range headset makers and controller accessories will be everywhere. Camera systems will also be present whether simple or sophisticated.

3. Drones- The drones have been quite in demand last year’s holiday season owing to which mandatory registration rule was started. It is now expected that drones will fly higher in 2016. Drones will everywhere at CES 2016. In CES, those drones will be in demand that are easier to use drones having good quality camera and compact size.

4. Video streaming will be in demand- Netflix and You Tube, both are the known names in video streaming. Some major is expected from both of them and it also indicates how video services will have a large presence at the show.

5. Smart home rise - Apple's HomeKit and Google's Brillo were expected to turn all smart devices into simple easy-to-use system, but that has not happened at a fast pace. But competitors are coming up with their walled gardens meaning that individual products will be at showcase that can solve a problem.

6. More personalized transportation mode- A company that calls itself ‘Hoverboard’ will make a formal debuts for its product and Gogoro's breakout smart scooter will also make a comeback. Other forms of personal transportation will also get a high-tech treatment as well.

7. Health monitoring – It is the era of mobility and what is better than that health can also be part of it. Advanced sensors, low-power chips and battery-sipping wireless tech will be part of new devices that could track health in realtime.

In other news TechnoBuffalo reported, CES 2016 kicks off next week. TechnoBuffalo will start to arrive in Las Vegas beginning this Sunday in preparation of the show. This year seems like it might be a bit different than previous years. In the past, for example, the focus might have been on hardware: new phones, new tablets, new computers and new TVs. While we think there will always be new products at the show, this year seems like it will be tilted toward the software and services that power those products.

In a statement provided to TheVerge News, it's officially a new year, which means that once we've shaken off the grogginess of a cheap alcohol-induced hangover, we're about to be thrust full steam ahead into the biggest technology conference of the year. Truth be told, we've actually been preparing for CES 2016 for weeks now, and we've got a pretty good idea of what to expect in Las Vegas next week.

Though its star has faded in recent years, CES can still be useful to predict the trends in consumer technology for the year ahead (and sometimes, for two years ahead). Many products announced at CES never make it farther than the show floor, but ideas such as virtual reality, high-resolution television, and autonomous vehicles all received major pushes at CES.

Across the globe, tech industry insiders are charging their batteries and taking a deep breath. CES kicks off next week - a sprawling consumer technology showcase that seems to extend to more Las Vegas venues every year. From Samsung to one-person start-ups, thousands of companies will demo new products, while, behind-the-scenes, deals will be struck to make further generations of gadgets possible, according to a report from the BBC.




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