Uber Customers in Shock with Huge Increase in Fares on New Year’s Eve

Uber Customers in Shock with Huge Increase in Fares on New Year’s Eve

Whether it would be your or me, we all will be shocked when we will have to pay three to four times the amount for a ride. Similar incident happened with people across the US and Oklahoma, who were to pay four times the actual sum of the money for the ride on Uber on the New Years’ Eve. Customers who took a ride during some surge hours of Uber on New Year complained that they were not being notified of the increase in prices.

In a defensive statement by the Company, Uber said that all of its customers were being aware of the possibility that Uber will charge increase in prices on the New Year for few hours. Also, the company reported that when more people need rides than there are drivers on the road, surge pricing incentivizes drivers to offer rides where and when they are needed most. As per the statement from the company on New Year’s Eve, “This gives customers the chance to push a button and be able to get a ride within minutes - even on a busy night like New Years, just be ready to pay for it”. Even Uber said that its customers were being notified of surge in prices on their app and were asked to be ready to pay more for increased fares or wait till the prices go down.

Andrew Wiens, Uber customer, shared his experience that when Uber has to surge prices they need to notify its customers which the company failed to do that. The increase in prices of the Uber ride has gained attention on social media from people across different corners. Customers are angry with the huge surge in the prices of the ride. One customer even shared his bill that left him in shock, for which he was to pay more than $200 for a trip that normally cost him $44. One person shared that he paid $140 from the Hard Rock to Midtown, another said they he paid $160 from the Brady Theater New Year’s Party back to Broken Arrow.

Gabby Bridenbaugh, Uber customer, said “I mean Black Friday is a surge for shopping, and you know you will have to deal with crazy people, so is it worth it to pay extra to be safe”.




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