New Law Effective from January 1 Allows Pharmacists-Prescribed Birth Control Pills in Oregon

New Law Issued on January 1 Allows Pharmacists-Prescribed Birth Control Pills in Oregon

New Year has come up with greetings for people in Oregon and California with Oregon being the first US State to issue a law that allows pharmacists to prescribe birth control pills. As per the law starting January 1, women in Oregon can now get birth control pills from pharmacists leaving behind the need to visit doctors every time they need. It has been reported that after Oregon, California will be following up with the suit in March. The law which allows Oregonians the ability to receive birth control pills over the counter following a filling out a questionnaire and briefly consulting the pharmacist will make the life little easier.

Despite of the fact that women can now easily get birth control pills from pharmacists, they have been advised to seek medical help before taking such pills. Moreover, women below the age of 18 years are still required to fill out a health questionnaire which the trained pharmacists will use to determine whether to write a prescription or not. Dr. Alison Edelman, a supporter of the new law, told outlet KOIN, said that just having birth control pill accessible through a pharmacist does not mean preventive health care is not important. As per the law, pharmacists will have to attend training sessions before being permitted to prescribe birth control to patients. Regular visits to an OB-GYN are still recommended for women in light of the new law, which some worry will thwart younger citizens from check-ups. According to the CDC, cervical cancer is the easiest cancer of the reproductive system that can be prevented by consistent doctor visits.

It has been reported that making the pill available at OTC has long been a no-brainer for people on all points of the political spectrum. The birth control pills help people to understand that it is an ordinary, relatively inexpensive drug that is inefficient to provide through the health insurance system. Though, birth control pills don't protect against STDs and do carry certain side effect risks, small risks are associated with such pills compared to many other over-the-counter drugs.

According to the IJ Review, to kick off the new year, two states — Oregon and California — are making news by becoming the first two states to allow hormonal birth control to be dispensed by pharmacies without a prescription from a doctor.

In Oregon, as of January 1, 2016, patients over 18 are able to walk into a pharmacy, fill out a brief medical history, speak with the pharmacist, and walk out with birth control in pill, patch, or ring form. Patients under 18 must get their first prescription from a doctor.

The Bustle notes that, while it's true that the birth control pills don't protect against STDs and do carry certain side effect risks, they are adequately labeled and carry fewer risks than many other over-the-counter drugs. Doctors who technically have the opportunity to talk to you about the benefits and disadvantages of the pill often just plain don't, because they're too hurried or they think you know about the pill already.
In other news JEZEBEL reported, Dr. Alison Edelman of Oregon Health & Science University told KOIN she supports the new law, but points out some providers are afraid that women may not come in for preventative check-ups since they are able to get birth control at a pharmacy. “Just having birth control accessible through a pharmacist doesn’t mean preventative health care isn’t important. That’s not what this law is saying,” she said. “Really, they’re two different things we’re addressing. Obviously we try to hit all of those in one visit, but really we shouldn’t be holding women hostage for them to be getting their birth control.”



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