Scientists develop ‘most precise’ quantum thermometer

Scientists develop ‘most precise’ quantum thermometer

A group of scientists from the UAB and the University of Nottingham claimed to have developed the world's most precise quantum thermometer.

The scientists said they have fixed the limits of thermometry, effectively establishing the smallest or most precise possible fluctuation in temperature that can be measured.

They studied the sensitivity of thermometers created with a few atoms that were small enough to be able to show typical quantum-style behaviors. They characterized these sorts of probes in detail, devices that could provide an estimation of the temperature with a precision that were seen never before.

According to the recently published research, "Finding a nanothermometer sensitive enough at this scale is a great step forward in the field of nanotechnology, with applications in biology, chemistry, and physics and even in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases."

To create the new quantum thermometer, the researchers blended thermodynamic tools with quantum metrology that deals with ultra-precise measures. The researchers also observed that these thermometers could maintain a stable sensitivity in a broad range of temperatures by sacrificing some of their precision.



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